Members' Articles

Quiet Places to Paddle (updated for 2003)
by Bruce Wrigley

New Paddlers Can Save Big Bucks  - Tips for the new paddler on buying your first boat.

Rescue Liability on the Kennebec
By Harold Herschlag

Exotic Invasives: Dump and Clean Your Boat Between Paddles
by Tom Todd

Parker River Access: Route 1A Bridge Replacement Design Includes Parking and Access
By Marlene Schroeder

Androscoggin River Pontook Dam
By Kenneth D. Kimball, Director of Research, AMC

Water Levels Information via a Toll Free Number
by Jim Lewis

Recreational Canoe Racing: An Oxymoron?
by John Cary

Paddler Ratings
by Jerry Homer, Rating Committee Chair

Ashley’s Bend
by Roioli Schweiker

How To Keep Our River Access Points Open
by Roioli Schweiker

Canoes on Wheels
Police Ponder: Felon, Fool, or Fanatic?
by Roioli Schweiker

Canoe Camping and Touring - an editorial
by Tom Todd

Paddling Logs
by Tom Todd

Joining an NH AMC Paddling Trip
By Bill Lowman

Outfitting Your Sea Kayak - Compass tip
by Charles Underwood

River Gauge Restoration
by Skip Morris

Canoe Touring
by Mike Jacobs

The Wee Lassie
by Sue Keroes

You Might Be Obsessed About Paddling If …
Contributors Glenn Hart, Bill
Brooks, Neil Harrison and Bill Herring. 

Bumper Stickers
by Tom Todd

Maine Canoe Symposium
by Garry Crane

Hi From David and Laurie
by Laurie Peach and David Toupin

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