PSNH Merrimack River Trip

From the Nov. 1999 WrapAround

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psnh4.gif (243316 bytes)Paddlers on the Merrimack River on the AMC assisted PSNH Trip

Over 30 paddlers enjoyed a bright sunny day Saturday, August 28, paddling the 8 miles of the Merrimack River from Hooksett to the Amoskeag Bridge in Manchester. The Trip was sponsored by the PSNH Fishways and supported by the NH AMC paddlers who supplied the canoes and 14 paddlers to help out. After meeting in the Fishways parking lot, the group drove to Lambert Park to launch the boats. The water was warm and clear enough to see the sand and water plants on the bottom 8 feet below. The group saw cormorants, mallards, and black ducks along the way. Although this stretch of the Merrimack gets heavy usage from motor boats for fishing, picnicking, and water skiing, everyone was courteous and gave the canoes a wide berth and little wake.

psnh2.gif (161896 bytes)Tom Gelinas, Paul Berry, and Bruce Healey at the takeout.

This trip was a thank you to PSNH for usage of the Fishways for numerous meetings over the years. A hearty thank you goes out to Bruce Healey for organizing the canoes and paddlers and to Gary Bartis, Dennis Belliveau, Paul Berry, Judy Gannon, Tom Gelinas, Bruce Goodwin, Bruce Healey, Mike Jacobs, Dora Lisboa, Jim Lewis, Bill Lowman, Dick and Verniel Morin, and Tom Todd for bringing boats and paddling with the group.

psnh3.gif (230047 bytes)Bill Loman, Jim Lewis, and Dora Lisboa at the Amoskeag takeout on the Merrimak.

Tom Gelinas wants to thank everyone who participated and passes on this note of thanks from Wendy Schorr of PSNH Fishways programs.


Dear Tom,

As co-chair of the canoe committee, I hope you'll pass along this message of thanks to all the AMC members who helped make the Fishways Merrimack River trip possible.

We deeply appreciate the help and enthusiasm on everyone who came along, and we hope they enjoyed the day as much as our participants did.

Thanks so much to everyone!

- Wendy Schorr

Bruce Healey also thanks everyone for helping out.

psnh1.gif (230373 bytes)Dick Morin and Paul Berry halp carrying boats at the takeout.



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