East Branch of the Pemi

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pemi3.jpg (22233 bytes)Carole-Anne Eldridge, Tom Todd, Ranger Chris Roukes, Skip Morris and Claire Kurzban in the Pemi Parking lot.

A trip last Spring to take advantage of the high water on the East Branch produced a notable find. As the crew was getting dressed to paddle we discovered an old friend, Chris Roukes, working as a Ranger in the office answering questions. Chris was one of the people that taught your editor how to paddle and he led numerous trips.

pemi2.jpg (21748 bytes)Claire Kurzban outstanding in the East Branch

The water was at a fair level as we paddled and most of the crew handled the trip quite well. One of our outstanding paddlers, Claire Kurzban proved that she is really an outstanding paddler as a subtle rock and a tricky wave put her out standing in the middle of the river as shown below. (This picture fulfills a long standing promise I have to Claire to publish this picture.)

pemi1.jpg (24576 bytes)Skip Morris paddles under the Loon Mt. Bridge




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