Beal Island

A few miles east of Bath, ME, a touch of wilderness divides the tidal currents of the Sasanoa River. This is Beal Island, 64 acres wooded with pines and cedars, a few oaks and alders, and carpeted with mosses, mushrooms and lush ferns. Visitors to the island may be greeted by terns and herring gulls and once in a while, by a curious harbor seal. Although old cellar holes, stone fences and abandoned wells suggest man's past presence, Beal is now a quiet place where wildlife provides its principal inhabitants. Here the hush of tall pines and soft meadow grasses offer solitude and rest to the camper; mussels, clams, apples and berries irresistibly tempt the forager; and the intrepid and capable canoeist is very well situated to explore rivers and bays, islands, harbors and history. (Source: AMC Beal Island brochure)

Beal Island has NO running or potable water. The island has a very nice two room outhouse. Rumor has it that there are ticks, so wear insect repellent.


Wild life watching abounds. Expect to see ducks, geese, cormorants, herons, osprey, seals and lots more. You may paddle up into Hockomock Bay for a picnic lunch at upper Hell's gate or maybe down to Five Islands via the Sheepscot river. A hike or paddle around island is an alternative as is sitting or napping. You can swim, but the water is quite cold.


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