Lower Otter Brook

From the May 1998 WrapAround

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The Lower Otter Brook is a favorite Class II trip for NH AMC canoeists. Numerous trips are run there each year due to the dam that provides scheduled releases. It is a short run of a couple of miles and is often run twice in a day. The road and highway run along the river for much of the run. The put in is below the dam.

These pictures here were from a combined trip on April 18 lead by Tom Quarles and Brian MacAvoy with Skip Morris and Mike Jacobs as co-leaders. Tomís trip was originally scheduled for the Cold and Brianís trip was originally scheduled for the White. Both rivers were too low to run so everyone ended up at the Otter which was scheduled for a 250 CFS release.

lob6.jpg (19878 bytes) Co-leader Mike Jacobs

The group was very large so it was decided to paddle in two river groups, the first led by Brian and the second led by Tom. The first paddle group included Skip, Mimi, several Boston Chapter paddlers and I donít remember who else.

lob3.jpg (27831 bytes)Leader Tom Quarles wrestling with a paddlesnake.

I remember that Bruce Healey, David Wilde, Dennis Belliveau, Jim MacCartney and I paddled in the second group lead by Tom Quarles and Mike Jacobs.

lob7.jpg (29548 bytes)Dennis Belliveau and Jim MacCartney

During lunch Jim MacCartney talked about his upcoming Ďbusinessí trip to Alaska that included some canoeing. He promised to provide us with pictures and a description of his canoeing.

lob4.jpg (17421 bytes) David Wilde plowing over a wave.

About halfway down the run is a ledge that runs across the entire river (brook?) It is a fun drop that as a side current that can pour water into the canoe and unset ones balance. We saw several quick moves here as several people got caught off balance.

lob2.jpg (24889 bytes)David Wilde approaches the drop.

As we ran the ledge the first river group was doing their shuttle to do their second run. About half of the first group ran the river a second time. About half our group ran a second time also.

lob1.jpg (59327 bytes) Mike Jacobs in the drop as David Wilde and Bruce Healey wait their turn.

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